Team 55 Earns Mason Football’s First Division I Playoff Win

My good friend Joey Deaton did an amazing job of covering Team 55’s playoff win over GCL powerhouse Elder. He captured the emotion that I felt on the field that night, he captured the emotion that the alumni felt and the emotion that our senior leaders felt. To be on Dwire Field that night was something special. It was cold out, but we couldn’t feel a thing. We (our offensive line) was tired, we had drives of 10, 11 and 17 plays, but we never showed it. We put our hand in the dirt and lined up and tried to outman the man wearing white across from us. To be a part of Mason football’s first Division 1 playoff win was something incredibly special. I can just remember the joy that rushed over me after Elder’s last circus attempt at a comeback fell short. It was just about the happiest I’ve ever felt in my life. I jumped off the bench I had been yelling from and rushed to midfield to join my teammates. It was non-stop hugs all around. Mason football is a brotherhood and it showed. We kneeled on the ‘M’ and Coach Castner yelled out, “How ’bout them Comets!” as loud as he could and we just about started a riot. It was incredible. We had done it. Waking up at 4 Am for two months straight, waking up at 6:30 every day in the summer, 2-a-days; it all came to fruition, we had done it. We sang the alma mater and fight song with as much pride as we possibly could. Then it was just finding every person I could and giving them a hug. My parents, my friends, my teammates, old coaches, current coaches; it was a season’s worth of work coming to fruition. Joey captured that and more. His story was fantastic, one of the best I have read. It brought me back to that night and the emotions I felt. Thank you Joey, it means so much to me, my teammates and the Long Green Line.img_3506


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