Enjoy It

I was able to get through my brush with injury nearly unscathed. I almost had one of the things I love most, the game of football taken from me until next year.

A dull pain in my shoulder persisted for three days so I took a visit to the Mason athletic trainer’s office, who then referred me to Dr. Marc Galloway who just happens to be the lead doctor for the Cincinnati Bengals. I sat in his office and he moved my shoulder around and diagnosed it as a partial labral tear. From my understanding a labral tear is something that could at worst take 4-6 months of recovery after surgery. Something I wasn’t prepared to deal with. So to the MRI went. Whoever told you, you can fall asleep in an MRI, gave you bad information. My nerves were racked as the machine whirred and clicked it’s way through my 25 minute scan. And then we waited…

Back into the office we waited for 30 tantalizing minutes as the MRI sat right across from my face. But heck, I’m not a doctor, I have no idea what any of that means. And then the news came…

I breathed my heavy sigh of relief, a strained anterior shoulder capsule. No tendons, no torn ligaments and minimal time off. All I needed was a brace, some physical therapy and some Advil.

But those agonizing 48 hours made me think about my life without football. The practices, I claim to hate, that I actually couldn’t live without. Not being out there eats me alive. Everyone that plays football at one point or another thinks they need a break and feels a pang of jealousy towards the injured guys on the sideline doing sit-ups instead of up-downs or not running that one extra sprint. But let me tell, you don’t want to be there. I’d much rather be in shoulder pads doing up-downs than in my sweatpants doing sit-ups off to the side. And so would everyone else with an injury. Appreciate what you have even if you think you don’t want it. And keep those guys who can’t play, who can’t finish their senior seasons in your thoughts and play for them


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