OPINION: College football season yet to begin

While college football has been rolling for three weeks, to me the season doesn’t truly get going until week five: the beginning of conference play.

For the first four weeks of the season, college football schedules are loaded with cupcakes. In week two, for instance, Baylor plays Lamar University, which none of you had ever heard of until now. Colorado State and Akron both will play Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) doormat Savannah State, who went 0-12 in 2014. Savannah State has lost their last seven games vs. Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) opponents in spectacular fashion, on average, 72-5, including an 81-9 loss to Georgia Southern. The Tigers aren’t alone; FCS teams struggle mightily against the big bad FBS. From 1978-2013, FBS teams are staggering 814-58-3 against FCS opponents, a winning percentage of 93.4. So my point? FBS teams need to take FCS teams off of their schedules.

So without the ability to schedule FCS teams, what happens to the Appalachian States of the world, you say? Teams like the Mountaineers, who pulled off a titanic 34-32 upset of number five Michigan in 2007, would still be eligible to schedule FBS teams if my proposal went through.

At the time of their historic upset of the Wolverines, the Mountaineers were in the midst of a run of three straight FCS championships. So what I’m saying is the Mountaineers were a little bit higher caliber than ‘ol Savannah State. Under my proposal, the 24 teams who make the FCS playoffs the year prior, would still be eligible to have FBS level teams on their schedule.

Keeping the cupcakes of college football like Wagner and the University of Incarnate Word off of the schedules of big-ticket college football teams, will improve attendance, as well as keep the level of play where it should be. It would also allow the big dogs of the FCS to test their mettle and see if they can compete at the next level.



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