The Chronicle Will Endure

Journalism is dying they say. Social Media has taken over. Anyone can do what you do. You can post your thoughts online with the click of a button, just as I’m doing right now. But can you get the same effect, can you get the same emotion from your readership?

As high school papers are losing funding around the country, it is logical to ask “What about the Chronicle?” We had a discussion in The Chronicle just a couple weeks ago about how ‘MBC’ is an integral part of MHS and how it deserves to be shown in 5th bell. But why? Because it does something the high school rumor mill can’t. It connects you to all 3,500+ of your fellow classmates. Where else can you get that? The Chronicle is no different.

The Chronicle provides you with connections you get no where else. How else would you know about those 3 or 4 kids in your grade of 800 people that’s in the circus How else would you know about the family that builds prosthetic hands How would you find out the guy next to you in chemistry is a DJ in his spare time You would never know. The Chronicle makes a school of 3,500 smaller, more personable. But why else will the Chronicle continue to thrive?

Chronicle distribution day is a hallowed occasion not just in c103, but around the school. You hear the cheers throughout the first bell classes as you deliver their thick stack of Chronicle’s. You see students roaming the halls, normally glued to their phones instead glued to center spread reading about a trending topic that will surely be part of the daily lunch table banter. You have people you didn’t know you knew come up to you and say ‘great story’ or ‘The Chronicle was great today.’ You hear discussions in the halls that would be normally centered around how boring first bell was, instead centered around the snow day controversies

So when the cheers die out, the conversations are nonexistent, and you can find yourself another source to bring you the stories of your 3,500 or so classmates that’s the day journalism will die. But I don’t foresee that day happening any day soon.


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