The 43 best Final Fours possible, from all-underdog to all-egghead

Sadly, “The Cool Mascot Final 4” is probably the only way the Muskies can get to the Final 4. I mean unless they beat a 1 and a 2 seed in 3 days, who knows.

For The Win

USP NCAA BASKETBALL: FINAL FOUR-FLORIDA VS CONNECT S BKC USA TXWith 16 teams left in the NCAA tournament, there are 256 different combinations of Final Four matchups. We at FTW decided that 213 of those matchups would be relatively boring, so we came up with the 43 best, based on various criteria that have very, very little to do with basketball. Given the brackets, all of the following Final Fours are possibilities, it’s just a matter of which direction fate is looking to go.

1. The Favorites Final Four

(USA TODAY Sports Images) (USA TODAY Sports Images)

Kentucky, Arizona, Oklahoma, Duke

2. The Underdogs Final Four

(USA TODAY Sports Images) (USA TODAY Sports Images)

Wichita State, Xavier, N.C. State, UCLA

3. The Animal Mascots You’ve Never Seen Before Final Four

Forget a pack, you haven't seen a WOLF. (Wikipedia) Forget a pack, you haven’t seen a WOLF. (Wikipedia)

Kentucky Wildcats, Arizona Wildcats, N.C. State Wolfpack, UCLA Bruins

4. The No One’s Really Sure What Your Mascot Is Final Four

Seriously, what are you? (Wikipedia) Seriously, what are you? (Wikipedia)

Wichita State Shockers, North Carolina Tar Heels…

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