Conference Tournaments: The not so ugly Cousin

Conference tournaments are oft over-looked in favor of the bigger, more glamorous NCAA tournament. I mean from the MAAC to the America East, did you really know half of the one-bid, “mid-major” conferences even existed? I didn’t either. There’s two D-1 Saint Francis Universities, one in New york and one in Pennsylvania. There’s the MAC and MAAC. Know the difference. And who’d ever heard of Belmont or 11-21 Furman before they both ended up the Ohio Valley and SoCON championships? And what in the heck is on Osprey? Apparently its a bird that’s the mascot for the University of North Florida and their band was pretty fired up about winning the Atlantic Sun tournament which comes with a bid to the big dance. (Likely as a 16 seed, but who cares)

Here’s the man himself UNF freshmen Stephen Putnam who’s antics have earned him a full paid scholarship.

In the ACC there were two games that were between team who were both at least 6 games under .500 and both were down to the wire 1-point games that would have had no meaning whatsoever if they occurred at any other time of the year. But now they keep the hope alive that maybe somehow 13-18 Boston College could shock the world and win the ACC. It proves that tournament time is a time when every tame matters. When else would ESPN 2 show a game between the 12th and 13th best teams in the Big Ten, Nebraska and Penn State? When else is the Ohio Valley Conference thrust into the spotlight?

Conference tournaments deserve their fair share of the spotlight. They showcase teams who might never be noticed otherwise..  For the sake of the Coastal Carolina’s and the NorthEASTERN’S (not western’s) watch a conference tournament game. And just remember VCU, George Mason and Butler never happen without a conference tournament.


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