Mixed Reviews Pre-Playoff

For what it’s worth, I can’t wait for the College Football Playoff. My team has a better shot of getting in so I’m okay. But ask yourself, will it solve what the BCS couldn’t? Can the College Football Playoff serve as a means to crown college football’s true national champion? On the surface it seems like a great idea. More teams involved. Better for the programs. More games. Better for the fans. More money. Better for athletic departments. More football. Better for everyone. But can the College Football Playoff really solve it all? That’s what I’m here to examine.

4 teams will make the College Football Playoff. There are 5 power conferences. So right off the bat, we have some unhappy campers. But don’t forget the non-power 5. In the past 10 years, 5 non-power conference teams have gone undefeated. 0 have gotten the opportunity to play for a national championship under the BCS. Bad right? But why will that change now? Your still only including 4 teams. At least one power conference will be left out. AT LEAST. If the SEC keeps up the trend, we could see two conferences miss out on the dance. Which leaves a sliver of hope for the non 5. There hasn’t been a non-power 5 team to win a national championship since BYU 30 years ago out of the WAC. So why not give them a shot? Give Marshall, BYU, and the Utes of Utah a shot. See how it works for 5 years. But don’t draw it out like the BCS. If it doesn’t work, change it. The FCS has been doing fine with a 24 team playoff. So why not copy? Include the top 25 in the playoff, or to round it off the top 16. FCS playoff football is exciting. Why not bring it nationally? Play first and second round games at home stadiums. Semi finals- and finals at stadium of choice. It works for 1-AA, why can’t it work for 1-A. 16 team playoff is the solution to the FBS’s woes.



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